Dear Community Members,

We are asking for Volunteers to send something similar to your Counties Election Department, can you help? Find your offices email here See below:
We acknowledge the established procedures and schedules each county has adopted for tabulating votes from the March 5 primary election. These methods are influenced by various factors, primarily aimed at optimizing county operations.
However, we urge all counties in California to adopt a superior standard of vote counting that transcends mere procedural adherence and embraces simplicity.
It is our firm stance that every vote must be accounted for without exception. Governor Newsom has undertaken significant measures to ensure the inclusion of his supporters’ votes. We assert that every Californian is entitled to the same level of diligence, as you represent the last line of defense against potential electoral manipulation, echoing the Bush-Gore Supreme Court decision of 2000.
We demand the assurance that each ballot received is counted and reflected in the final vote summary. When a citizen, a lawful voter, dedicates the effort to complete their ballot and submit it via mail, ballot box, or any other voting method, it is imperative to respect their constitutional right by ensuring their vote is counted.
Should there be any ballots excluded from the total count due to legitimacy concerns, we implore you to verify their validity with utmost certainty before ceasing your efforts. Address issues such as signature discrepancies or any ambiguities to the fullest extent possible.
We are aware that the Associated Press has announced the outcome of the Proposition One ballot initiative. However, the media does not possess the authority to declare election results. The Secretary of State bears the responsibility of certifying the election outcomes on April 12, 2024. It is incumbent upon you to provide a comprehensive and precise vote tally in time for the certification process.
The stakes are monumental, affecting not only the lives of countless Californians but also the very essence of Democracy, which is intrinsically linked to the right of every American citizen to have their vote counted and their wishes fairly represented under the law.
A formal paper copy of this correspondence will be dispatched, detailing our intention to initiate legal proceedings should these measures not be implemented.
Californians Against Proposition 1