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Prop. 1 Hurts People | Please Vote No!

Proposition 1 is huge, expensive and destructive. It would cost taxpayers more than $9 billion. It also redirects the spending of at least $30 billion in mental health services money in its first 10 years, cutting existing mental health services that are working. The human cost of this measure is incalculable.

Prop. 1 builds very little housing, despite being offered as a solution to homelessness. There are better solutions that do not require excessive borrowing or cutting local programs that work. Please get the facts and vote no!

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The word is getting out about Prop. 1! 

Recent polling shows Democratic and liberal voters down 10%, and Republican voters opposing Prop. 1 by 2-1. Only 51% of voters think this is a "good time" for a pricey bond like Prop. 1, with a $73 billion state budget deficit.

It's simple. The more people learn about Prop. 1, the less they like it!

Now we hope you can help us defeat Prop. 1! Just share the facts!!! And be sure to vote on or before March 5!

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ACLU California 

League of Women Voters of California

Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

Disability Rights California

Mental Health America in California

Cal Voices

California ACLUs (ACLU California Action, ACLU of Northern California, ACLU of Southern California, and ACLU of San Diego & Imperial Counties)

Orange County Register and 10 of its affiliated Southern California newspapers

Santa Cruz Sentinel

City of San Clemente

Placer County

and many, many more. 

What about you!?!


*Please note, many people and groups who oppose Prop. 1 are not formally working on the campaign. This is a grassroots effort, standing up against the governor's campaign.

With your help getting the word out, we can defeat Prop. 1!

Prop. 1 Hurts People | Please Vote No!