Prison Guards Give Big to Gov’s Prop. 1

SACRAMENTO, Jan. 12 – The campaign against Proposition 1 on the March 5, 2024, ballot today shone a light on one of the measure’s largest recent donors – the California Correctional Peace Officers’ Association.

“With a recent $1 million contribution, the state prison guards’ union has become a chief sponsor of Gov. Newsom’s Proposition 1,” said Paul Simmons, a director of Californians Against Proposition 1. “It’s unfortunate, as the union is not exactly known for pushing progressive public policies.”

Simmons added, “We recognize that the CCPOA is the 800-pound gorilla of California politics, and that they give to the governor’s priorities. We only wish that they did not share the governor’s determination to slash local mental health services with Proposition 1.”

The prison guards’ union made its $1 million contribution to Gov. Newsom’s ballot measure committee on Dec. 27, 2023, qualifying the CCPOA as one of the Prop. 1 campaign’s major donors that state law requires to be disclosed on certain advertisements.

For instance, the current “paid for” line on the Yes on Prop. 1 website displays as follows:

Paid for by Yes on Prop 1 - Governor Newsom's Ballot Measure Committee. Committee Top Funders: State Building & Constructions Trades Council of California, California Correctional Peace Officers Association, and Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Hospitals

Simmons said, “We’re not intimidated by the prison guards’ money or any of the governor’s other big donors. We firmly believe that the facts about Prop. 1 will doom it, as voters learn more about this huge, expensive and destructive initiative.”