Prop. 1 Cuts Services, No Matter What Gov. Newsom Says

Measure Would Cost Taxpayers Over $9 Billion While Slashing Mental Health Programs

SACRAMENTO, Jan. 3, 2024 – Opponents of Proposition 1 on the March 5, 2024, ballot today challenged Gov. Gavin Newsom to admit the truth about the measure: It will cut local mental health services.

The governor and allies are holding a press conference today to promote the measure. Paul Simmons, a director of Californians Against Proposition 1, said:

“It’s time for Governor Newsom to level with the voters and admit that Proposition 1 drastically cuts mental health services at the local level.”

“He and his campaign refuse to talk about the cuts. They pretend instead that money will fall from heaven to expand services. The idea that Prop. 1 ‘expands’ community-based services is a terrible untruth.”

“Proposition 1 doubles the state’s administrative costs for the Mental Health Services Act from 5% to 10%, sucking $140 million per year away from county-level services. Then Prop. 1 diverts another 30% of mental health program funding to other programs.”

“You cannot take away 35% of county-level funding for mental health without cutting community-based programs.”

“The simple fact is that Prop. 1 orders counties to do more with less money.”

“Meanwhile, Prop. 1’s bonds will cost taxpayers more than $9 billion, according to the Legislative Analyst. That is $310 million per year out of the state budget. This is a bad time to take on new bonds and new expenses, while the state is grappling with a huge deficit.”

“The bottom line: Prop. 1 is a nightmare for taxpayers, cities and counties, and for people with mental illness. The measure is huge, expensive, and destructive. California will be better off when Prop. 1 is defeated.”